Caffeine Chewing Gum

  • 50mg caffeine per chewing gum
  • With mint flavour
  • Without sugar

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Do you sometimes suffer from an energy sufficiency throughout the day and you're not a big fan of coffee? Or are you just looking for a quicker way to get an energy boost?

Then we have the ideal solution for you... Musculi Caffeine Gum!

Although an average cup of coffee contains approximately 70 to 90 mg of caffeine, the stimulant effects of our Caffeine Gum is much more quickly noticeable. That's because the caffeine is absorbed quickly by the body.

Our Caffeine Gum was specifically developed to support the football players of the Belgian first division soccer team Club Brugge during their efforts on the field. Caffeine Gum is ideal to give you an extra boost during short-term efforts. We would like to introduce this exceptional product to everyone!


Use 1 to 2 chewing gums per dose.

Use Musculi Caffeine Gum throughout the day and during your workout.

To benefit most from the effects you best start chewing half an hour before training or competition.


1 gum contains 50 mg fast-absorbable caffeine.

1 packaging contains 60 gums.

Nutritional Information

For 100g: energy 100Kcal/417KJ; fats 1,05g; carbohydrates 33,5g (of which: sugars 0g, polyols 33,5g); protein 0g; salt 0g

For 2g (1 chewing gum): energy 2Kcal/8,34KJ; fats 0,021g; carbohydrates 0,67g (of which: sugars 0g, polyols 0,67g); protein 0g; salt 0g


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