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Privacy Policy

Please read the Privacy Policy with care. The conditions may have been changed since your last visit to this website. By visiting (“the website”) and/or registering yourself on the website, you accept and agree with this Privacy Policy. Your privacy and protection are important to us.

This communication reflects the Musculi Privacy Policy with regard to information given to us by website visitors. Our Privacy Policy describes how we record and use your personal information. It is our objective to make sure that whatever personal information that we acquire and use is not passed on to third parties. Should you have questions about or comments on our Privacy Policy, please contact us on

The website contains links to websites of third parties. Musculi does not warrant the protection of your privacy by and the content of these websites. Please read carefully the privacy policy of these websites before agreeing with their conditions or using these websites. This Privacy Policy enters into force as of 1 February 2015 for every use of the website after that date. Musculi may occasionally adjust it to the requirements and update changes to our collection of information.

Adjusted conditions automatically enter into force seven days after their publication on the website. Every future adjustment made to this Privacy Policy will be posted on the website and, if deemed fit, sent by e-mail. By using this website and/or registering yourself, you pass on personal information. Musculi warrants that this information is processed according to the Belgian Act of 8 December 1992 regarding the protection of privacy and the processing of personal data.

Registration and deregistration

When you pass on personal information to Musculi, you can deregister yourself at any time and as such annul your prior consent.

Access to your personal information

You have the right to access all your personal information processed by us. Each request for access may cost you a surcharge of €10 by way of contribution to the costs that we incur to provide you with the details that we have about you. Musculi is compelled to grant you reasonable and easy access to your information to enable you to identify inaccuracies that can then be corrected by us. You can apply for the updating or adjustment of any information whatsoever that you've passed on to Musculi by contacting us.


Upon any dispute, please send an e-mail to the Musculi customer service:

Information that we collect about you

The information that we collect about you depends on your activities on our website, whether you have logged in or not, and whether or not you make a purchase. Information that we may collect:

  • Contact data such as name, address, and phone number
  • Purchasing information such as credit card details
  • Navigation paths and click behaviour, time of website visit, when you left your shopping cart
  • Information on cookies (more details about this can be found below)
  • Information on your computer and connection, including browser type and version, IP address, operating programme and platform details
  • Correspondence with you
  • Complaints and related information
  • Information sent by you to participate in promotions and/or contests

How do we collect personal information?

Musculi obtains information in three ways:

1) When you enter your personal details on the website while placing an order, you are asked to give standard contact and financial data to proceed through the purchasing stages, confirm your purchase and forward your order. When you want to be informed by e-mail, we will ask you to give your e-mail address.

2) By automatically collecting your information when you visit the website: as most websites do, our website uses cookies to improve your shopping experience. A cookie is a data element that is automatically converted by our website to an instruction on the hard disk of your PC or Mac whenever your browser visits our website. Cookies only identify a PC or Mac, not the actual user. When you only visit the website without logging in, we will not ask you to give personal information but certain information – such as information on computer and connection, browser type and version, IP address, operating system, platform details and time of visit – are gathered automatically. This information is gathered each time you visit the website with the objective to complete and support the executed activity and perform anonymous user analyses and for research and development purposes.

When you visit our website and log in, we automatically gather information on the pages visited by you, the time of these visits, the content of your shopping cart and similar information about your surfing behaviour on our website.

Occasionally, we perform market research and business optimization activities in which a third party assists in and is given access to cookies of our website. Some partner organizations may also use cookies to examine your purchases and click behaviour on our website. You can ask your browser to deactivate cookies or to show cookies whenever you receive one so that you can decide yourself whether or not to accept them. If you do not wish to receive third-party cookies, this has no effect on the operation of our website but it may affect your use of the website or prevent you from enjoying certain benefits and vouchers. When you do not deactivate cookies, make sure to log out when ending your session on a shared computer.

3) From third parties: Musculi may also acquire information on you from third parties, such as new delivery addresses from our couriers. This information is used to adjust your delivery file and account data. We can also acquire details about your credit history from our banks, which we use to detect fraud.

How we identify you

As already mentioned above, each time your browser visits our website, we automatically receive certain data about you and save them by posting a cookie onto your computer. Two types of cookies are used on our website:

1. Session cookies (which remain in the cookie file of your browser as long as you stay on the website) are used:

  • To allow the use of your information on all pages of our website so that you do not have to enter your data whenever you visit another page.
  • To allow you to keep a shopping cart during each visit to our website.
  • Within the registration or log-in mode, to provide you with access to information saved.

2. Long-term cookies (these remain in the cookie file of your browser for a longer period of time and save basic information) help us to identify whether you've visited our website before on the same computer and, if so, allows us to remember personal data that you have given us, to collect how many times you make use of our website, what you look for and what you have purchased and also offers you a personalized content, even when you did not log in.

  • e-mails: When you have given us your e-mail address, we will be able to link this e-mail address to your previous surfing and purchasing experiences, also when you didn't log in. This way, we know whether or not you've received reminder e-mails and are able to link this with other contact information that you have given us.

What do we use your information for?

The main reason why we collect and save your data is to monitor your orders and deliver products, authorize payments, issue invoices to you, answer your questions, contact you about products and promotions, recommend products that we think may be interesting for you and, in general, to keep and update your account and to improve our website. We can release your personal information to every member of our group, i.e. Musculi and all companies associated with it as established in article 11 of the Companies Code. We also use your information for marketing and business development purposes.

Next to the use of your personal information to process placed orders, Musculi will also register your e-mail address in its e-mail update service. If you do not wish to receive updates or marketing information, please use the link to unsubscribe, which you can find below each promotional e-mail from Musculi. When you agree with receiving marketing material at the time of registration but wish to unsubscribe later on, you can do so at any time. We may also use your IP address to identify you and collect demographic information about you, which we use to help us to detect fraud and identity problems.

Use of information by third parties

Musculi does not sell your information to third parties. Sometimes, we may share customer information with third parties as described below:

  • When selling goods, we may release personal information
  • When Musculi obtains goods via third parties, certain personal data may be transferred to third parties;
  • Musculi organizes contests on the website in cooperation with third parties; we may ask you whether you wish to be contacted by these third parties in connection with their products and services.
  • If you explicitly mention that you wish to receive such information, we will pass on your personal data;
  • Musculi collects statistics about your internet traffic, purchases and other commercial information that we pass on to third parties to assist us in optimizing our services. This information cannot be linked to individual persons;
  • We also process demographic information to gear the website to your interests and we may share this information with third parties so that they can draw up a better analysis of our clientele and its shopping behaviour. By purchasing through the website, you give Musculi the permission to pass on your personal data to third parties to monitor your order, e.g. banks, courier services...
You also give us permission to exchange information with other companies to help prevent fraud and misuse. Musculi may also exchange personal information with couriers or other responsible persons when they want to contact you to monitor or arrange your delivery. Musculi may pass on your personal data whenever this is necessary to observe the law or to assist in judicial inquiries or to protect our property and rights. In the unlikely event that Musculi is sold or that possessions are transferred to third parties, your personal data will be passed on as a valuable asset. Your personal data can be passed on to the successor in the interest of the company. You hereby agree with these transfers should they occur.

Security measures

As part of our policy to protect you against credit card fraud, we perform safety check-ups on orders. This can be done in various ways, among others by calling you prior to the processing of your order.

Website protection: Musculi applies standard procedures to protect the confidential nature of your personal data during the transaction, including firewalls and security software. Is your internet connection safe? In this case, your payment is transmitted through a secure connection using a 128-bit certificate. This means that the information is encrypted and cannot be read by someone else other than Musculi and persons authorized by us.

You can see that the web pages are secured when the address in the address bar changes from http:// into https://. You will also see a padlock symbol or key at the beginning or end of the browser. Some computers prevent such secured connection to be able to proceed with an order. Musculi must provide a less safe connection to customers faced with this problem. If you wish, you can use the standard server to place your order. Before this problem can be solved, you must be aware of the fact that your personal information is passed on without having been encrypted. Unfortunately, Musculi cannot be liable for loss of data resulting from the use of an unsecured connection. Although the secured encryption that we use is regarded as safe on an international level, Musculi cannot be held liable if this encryption would be broken.

Be extremely careful when visiting our website or any e-commerce site for that matter. Make sure that nobody knows your password (if you use it). When having transmitted your purchase, we strongly recommend to close all browsers to make sure that all your confidential information is deleted.

Credit card information


Where do we save personal information?

The information that we gather about you can be passed on and saved. It may also be used by employees and third parties responsible for delivery or distribution. By entering your personal data, you agree with this transfer, filing or process. Musculi will take all necessary steps to make sure that your data are handled safely and according to this privacy policy.