Musculi - About us

At Musculi our mission statement was clear from the beginning. To bring you the best quality in ingredients possible, and prove it to our customers every step of the way.

Musculi only works with the purest and well-known ingredients from Europe. Everything is mixed in our in-house facilities, and final products are tested by independent third-party labs for quality, content and contamination. We also publish all of these quality and anti-doping reports on our site.

Of course quality is about more than the purity of the ingredients. Our R&D department spares no effort in making products with great taste, even those products typically hard to flavour well. We pride ourselves on this skill and technology, and demonstrate it with many products such as our Pure BCAA's 8-1-1 Cassis GOLD label, and our PeptoPro Lime/Tropical variant, both products that are normally hard to flavour that we have been able to provide in great tasting treats. But also our standard (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana) and new flavours (hazelnut-chocolate) are among the best available on today's market.

Musculi is located in Belgium, and subject to Belgium's strict food laws and regular government testing. Belgium has no separate laws with regards to the standards set for supplement companies and those companies that process food for general consumption, as is the case in many other countries. The fact that we pass our tests with flying colours each time demonstrates once again our reliability and know-how in providing the highest quality content, guaranteed to meet its label claims.

Musculi stands for the very highest quality standard in the industry and the hallmark for the serious, strenuous athlete!


Address: Industriepark "De Bruwaan" 25 9700 Oudenaarde

VAT number: BE0543.388.753