Multivitamin (time-released)

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  • Best available multivitamin on today's market

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A good multivitamin supplement is a staple in everyone's supplementation arsenal, as it can prevent deficiencies, to promote health and well-being, and increase performance as a result. Of course there are plenty of multivitamin supplements available anywhere from pharmacies to discount outlets. But as a Musculi customer, you've come to expect only the best quality ingredients in the most innovative supplements, and once again we are proud to offer you just that with Musculi Multivitamin!

Unique time-released formula!

Most multivitamins are simple mixes of various cheap forms of vitamins thrown together. Now, vitamins are vitamins, but it is no secret that a large portion of supplemental vitamins is lost. This is because of the large bolus of available water soluble vitamins, that are quickly excreted again, never reaching their intended place in the body. By making Musculi Multivitamin time-released you create a much smaller peak that last significantly longer, allowing more of the ingredients to get absorbed, and more of them will be used or stored in the body.

Only the best ingredients!

Each ingredient was carefully selected as the most bio-available form of the micronutrient in question. For instance our use of a mix of adenosyl- and methylcobalamin over the more frequently used and cheaper cyanocobalamin is a conscious choice, because the former are much more available forms of vitamin B12.

Key additions

We wanted to give you the best available supplement, whether to support your general health, prevent nutritional deficiencies or to improve performance. In this case we opted to add citrus flavonoids, a mixture of among others, the following flavonoids: quercetin, hesperidin, diosmin, naringin, and rutin.

Who benefits most from Musculi Multivitamin?

Pretty much everyone, but obviously it is more crucial for people at risk for deficiencies. Which actually leaves a fairly large group from infants to the elderly, athletes, people with poor or less diverse dietary habits, people on a low calorie diet, premenopausal women, etc. There aren't many people that won't benefit from making a product as this a primary staple in their supplement regimen.


Take one tablet (maximum two) in the morning, preferably with food, every day. Musculi Multivitamin can be used year round.

List of ingredients

Source per tablet % RDA
 Vitamin A
 beta carotene - dunaliella salina  3000 µg  375 %
 Vitamin B1
 thiamine HCl  2,8 mg  250 %
 Vitamin B2
 sodiumriboflavine-5-phosphate  3,5 mg  250 %
 Vitamin B3
 niacinamide  20 mg NE  125 %
 Vitamin B5
 D-calcium pantothenate  7,5 mg  125 %
 Vitamin B6
 pyridoxal-5-phosphate  3,5 mg  250 %
 Vitamin B12
 methylcobalamine  1,5 µg  60 %
 Vitamin B12
 adenosylcobalamine  1,5 µg  60 %
 biotin  100 µg  200 %
 Folic acid
 Quatrefolic® (5-methyl-tetrahydropholate)  400 µg  200 %
 Vitamin C
 ascorbic acid  120 mg  150 %
 Vitamin K2
 MK7  45 µg  60 %
 Vitamin D3
 cholecalciferol  10 µg  200 %
 Vitamin E
 D-alpha-tocopheryl succinate  48 mg TE  400 %
 calcium citrate  50 mg  6 %
 magnesium citrate  50 mg  13 %
 zinc citrate  5 mg  50 %
 manganese citrate  2,5 mg  125 %
 copper citrate  500 µg  50 %
 potassium iodide  75 µg  50 %
 chromium picolinate  30 µg  75 %
 sodium molybdate  25 µg  50 %
 L-selenomethionine  50 µg  91 %
 Citrus bioflavonoids
 citrus bioflavonoids  150 mg  
 Citrus fruit powder


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